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2017-08-03 12:43 am

My latest digital picture....

Hey, I hope this doesn't throw you into a state of SHARK....
Gari, resembles a cross between a shark and an ankylosaurus
It's a creature from my stories, the Gari.

It's also my first time using multiple layers

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2017-05-31 01:04 pm
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Yes, I have a digital Tablet!

Hey. I got a Huion for my birthday. Learning to draw on it is a bit like starting all over again, but, hey, it's worth it. Right now I use FireAlpaca.

Here are my pictures so far....
Pavonian Enagi Symbols....

Enagi Symbols

A Hedgehog

And finally, a Pavonian swimdress.....both front and back views. Yes, the race has tails, so that's why there's a hole in the back.

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2017-04-21 08:54 am
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So here I am!

Yes, I migrated to Dreamwidth. Previously, I was on LiveJournal. Granted, didn't post much, but last year, I started a new, irregular, series, the "Why?" It only had two entries.... one about the only mass transit project to date I've ever been AGAINST (if you know me, you know I'm pro-rail, pro-transit...but not pro-REM)... http://raakone.livejournal.com/45003.html And I also have a piece about having lost a friend to....mental illness. http://raakone.livejournal.com/44786.html Or something like it. Because even to this day, my understanding of what happened has more holes than a typical Quebec road. For those not familiar with Quebec roads, and are asking "how many holes are there in all?" The answer is "Enough to fill the Albert Hall"

Anyways...this is my Dreamwidth journal. There are many like it. But this one is MINE.